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In this important and timely book Alan Wilson argues that allowing gay people to marry is a moral purpose. Wilson says: 'I asked myself 'what does God want for gay people?'. After re-revisiting the Bible and more importantly getting to know gay people of all types and varying backgrounds he decided the answer was that God wants for them the same as everyone else - flourishing faith hope and love involvement and inclusion. Meanwhile from a scientific perspective More Perfect Union? asserts that homosexuality is part of a wide range of human sexual longing and expression not an anomaly a sickness not merely a lifestyle choice. The vast majority of people Wilson encountered on his journey toward being in favour of same-sex marriage were not anti-gay were 'just trying to love their neighbour as themselves' even if in some cases their heads lagged behind their hearts on the issue of gay marriage. The ultimate aim of this book is to help Christians unite head and heart in a fully positive response to gay people marrying and to enable them to wholeheartedly rejoice in such union in doing so shaking off the hangover of years of stereotyping fear and discrimination about gay people.